Dental health insurance in Amsterdam

Dental practices in Amsterdam charge fixed rates that are determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). Dental charges are established nationally on behalf of the Dutch government and are therefore the same at all practices. Not all dental charges are covered by your health insurance provider’s basic insurance policy, and you can therefore take out supplementary dental insurance.

Reimbursement of dental charges by your basic health insurance policy

The basic health insurance policy only covers dental charges for young people under the age of 18, or for specialist dental treatment.

Children under the age of 18

The basic health insurance policy covers virtually all dental charges for children and young people under the age of 18. This includes treatments such as:

  • Periodic dental check-ups
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Taking X-rays
  • Fillings or sealants
  • Root canal treatment

Children’s orthodontics are not covered by the health insurer’s basic insurance policy. A supplementary insurance policy for orthodontic treatment can therefore be taken out.

Adults aged 18 and over

Dental treatment for adults is usually not covered by the basic insurance policy. You need to pay the costs yourself or take out dental insurance. Basic health insurance reimburses costs for:

  • Extremely serious dental and maxillofacial conditions.
  • Dental surgery by a dental surgeon.
  • X-ray investigations for dental surgery.
  • Manufacture and fitting

You often need prior permission from the healthcare insurance provider to be eligible for reimbursement of treatment costs. We therefore always advise making enquiries with your insurance provider before undergoing dental treatment.

Dentists’ fees

Dentists’ fees are established annually by the Dutch government. The costs are therefore the same at all dental practices. Nevertheless, dental treatment may be a little cheaper or more expensive at one practice than at another. This depends on the investigations the dentist conducts in order to be able to carry out treatment effectively.

If you undergo extensive treatment, the dentist will always give you a quote. It is mandatory for dentists to provide a quote for treatments that cost in excess of € 250. If you think the quote is too high, or you think that not all elements are necessary, you can simply obtain a second opinion from a different dental practice in Amsterdam.

Dental insurance for accidents

If you have had an accident, dental care may be essential. In most cases, your health insurance provider’s basic insurance policy will not cover these costs. It does, however, depend on the seriousness of the treatment you require. If the treatment can be carried out by your dentist, costs are often not covered and you can take out supplementary dental insurance.

If your needs are more complex and treatment by a dental surgeon is required, the costs are sometimes covered by basic insurance. Discuss this with your health insurance provider in advance to be sure.

Supplementary dental insurance

For more information about supplementary dental insurance for dental treatments, we recommend that you visit the De Consumentenbond website.

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